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Sifu Lucas Cook - Instructor

My name is Sifu Lucas Cook.
My journey with wing chung  started in September 1998 under Sifu Ed Dumancas.
I feel very fortunate to have trained and earned my instructors level black sash with Sifu Ed under the Yip Man lineage. Our Wing Chung system is one of the most direct, efficient and traditional gung fu you will find in the u.s.a.
That's why i have been hooked for 14 years training Wing Chung. Our art is for all body types and will challenge you physically and mentality. It has been very interesting through out the years to see my fellow gung fu practitioners develop their own style and train their favorite techniques.
The Wing Chung art did not only teach me how to throw a punch, but it also taught me to live a healthy life style. This art can be very fulfilling in more ways than one in a variety of different peoples life. So if you are looking to join us feel fee to contact any of our sifus in your area.