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Sifu Ed Dumancas - Chief Instructor

Sifu Ed Dumancas started training under the tutelage of Master Robert Yeung in 1992 at the Wing Chun, Hawaii, Chinatown location. In 1998, he continued his training under the tutelage of Chief Instructors John F. DiVirgilio and Randy Sanches of the Wing Chun Kung-Fu Association of Hawaii.  In 2003, Sifu Ed Dumancas became a registered instructor with the Ving Tsun Athletic Association, Hong Kong. 
Sifu Ed has been teaching Wing Chun since 1998 to small groups of students from Oak Harbor, WA. to Lynnwood, WA.  He believes that the study of Wing Chun is a life long journey.
If a Wing Chun Practitioner only see's Wing Chun as a combative art, then he or she is missing a deeper understanding of the art itself.  It is through combative application, one can learn tolerance and peace.