Wing Chun Gung Fu Association of Washington

A little about us!

The 1st Wing Chun, WA. was opened in 1998 in Oak Harbor, WA.  by Sifu Ed Dumancas. Since then, he taught Wing Chun in Mount Vernon and Marysville, WA. Today, his teaching has moved to Lynnwood, WA. where he teaches a small group of practitioners.
For more information about Sifu Ed, see his bio page.
Our lineage is Grandmaster Ip Man, Master's Wong Long and Wong Chok followed by Master Robert Yeung and Sifu Ed Dumancas.
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In our school we teach the San Sik movements, Chi Sao, the 3 unarmed forms, the 10 dummy sets, the long pole and butterfly sword sets.

A little about Wing Chun!

Wing Chun is a fighting style designed to quickly maneuver opponents and aggressively control the center-line.  Emphasis is placed on strategy and direct explosive movements, center-line principals, and proper body angling/position.  
We do not focus on any tournaments or point systems in our training. Protecting ourselves and loved ones is the goal of this style. 
The origins of the style are lost in the mists of time. We believe the story of Yim Wing Chun learning from the Buddhist nun in order to stave off an unwanted marriage to a local brigand.